Hi, we're umetec.

We speak your language and create software solutions that just work.


Crafting your digital products

We help businesses automate, integrate, and improve their mission critical tasks, processes, and services. We work with big companies with complex problems, small startups with crazy ideas, and everyone in between.

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We build custom solutions to complex problems, simple Wordpress sites, and everything in between.

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We create digital experiences, native apps and modern platforms to unleash amazing potential.

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We design beautiful and user-fiendly, responsive websites, landingpages and newsletters for you.

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We share our knowledge in workshops and trainings and help you structure your ideas and problems.

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We analyze your situation and plan actionable steps to build your next big thing.

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We support your experiments and tests on important parts of your future product.

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We help you design, build, launch & scale your digital products.

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We help your ideas come to life and shape your product vision. For us this is more than what something looks like. It's about understanding your product ideas, defining product objectives, creating concepts, plans, wireframes, architectures and prototypes.

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We build your web and mobile applications using state-of-the-art technologies and best practices: Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Swift, ObjectiveC and Java. We're team players and flexibly cooperate with your other service providers. We continuously deliver working, tested solutions.

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We help define and create your hosting environment. We automatically and continuously deploy software to scalable infrastructures - from closed-gate networks to cloud-based, global infrastructures. We can help you monitor and analyse your products in real-time.

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Successful products evolve. We provide input on improving scalability and technical performance. We can help you measure your goals, (AB-)test new features, and shape your product roadmap.

Working with us

  • We are remote and efficient

    We're a small, battle-proven team and build products for our clients remotely. We understand your problems and ideas and maintain a high degree of personal interaction and transparency.

  • We are best if we’re partners

    You can hire us to build something following a plan you provide. But we love to work on projects we believe in. We can make a difference, if we work with you in a collaborative, open and honest environment.

  • We are quick learners

    We love learning new things with you. We're good in projects where stuff is uncertain, unstructured and unknown. Gaining new insights and experiences makes projects more fun and more interesting for you and for us.

  • We are good trainers

    We share our knowledge in workshops, personal sessions, documents and even help you bringing in your own team and taking over - if you wish.

Some of our clients

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Have an idea or product you wish to talk about?